Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters are the strongest, most convenient type of hurricane shutter and are the easiest to operate. These shutters can be lowered and raised by the push of a button in just seconds! Roll Downs are designed to protect windows, balconies, doors, lanais and all other exterior openings and are ideal for single-family homes, high-rise apartments, condominiums, schools, hospitals, offices and commercial buildings.

Strongest, Most Convenient, and Easiest to Operate

Our Roll Down Hurricane Shutters are Florida Building Code approved and are tested to withstand impacts from flying debris and hurricane force winds of 170 miles per hour or more and can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs of furniture, floors, carpets and irreplaceable treasures. Our 58mm End Retention Roll Down Hurricane Shutter is the strongest aluminum shutter in the industry and capable of spanning a 24-foot opening without any intermediate braces. Our Single Wall End Retention Roll Down Hurricane Shutter is capable of 20-foot spans without bracing and rolls up into one of the smallest housing boxes on the market. Standard colors are white, ivory, beige and bronze.
Because of their ease of use, Roll Down Hurricane Shutters are not only used when storms approach, but are used every day. For example, Roll Down Shutters:

  • Help form a sun shield which, when completely closed, blocks out virtually all of the outside light, aiding late risers, sleeping babies, night shift workers and/or afternoon nappers.
  • Can turn any living room into a theater room with the touch of a button, eliminating annoying glare.
  • Minimize the sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevent discoloration and fading of window treatments, furnishings and floor coverings.
  • Allow homeowners to keep lanai furniture outside and alleviate the inconvenient task of bringing patio furniture indoors for lengthy trips away or during bad weather.
  • Protect porch furniture from mildew build-up and practically eliminate patio mopping and clean up.
  • Decrease heating and cooling costs by up to forty-five (45%) percent.
  • Offer perimeter protection when businesses are closed and have proven to be one of the most effective deterrents against forcible entries.
  • Decrease outside noise by up to seventy (70%) percent, muffling street traffic, weekend patio parties, and early morning lawn mowers.

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