Bahama & Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Bahama and Colonial Shutters have been in use for decades and are the most recognized style of shutters. Their traditional, louvered designs add beauty and function to both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Decorative Wood Appearance that Provides Greater Durability

Our aluminum Bahama and Colonial Shutters have a decorative wood appearance but provides greater durability and require far less maintenance than the rot prone wood shutters. A long lasting, quality, powder coat finish is applied to these shutters to enhance the architecture and color scheme of any home. There are multiple standard colors to choose from, or, these shutters can be custom painted to match any color you choose. Besides the beauty they add to your home or business, Bahama and Colonial Shutters are popular for their ease of use. When a storm approaches these shutters simply need to be closed and locked properly.

Bahama Shutters capture the carefree look of the Islands. They have a top-hinged mounting system and are supported by either adjustable or fixed arms. The fixed arms may be disconnected in order to facilitate in lowering the shutters into a temporary closed position. The adjustable arms will easily telescope into a closed position if so desired.

Colonial Shutters project a classic, elegant look. Colonial Shutters hinge to the sides of the window openings. The hinged hardware allows the shutters to be easily closed and locked securely within seconds to protect vulnerable window openings from storm damage.

Shutter Uses:

  • Weather protection from hurricanes and storms
  • Shade from the sun
  • Privacy from neighbors
  • Security from break-ins and theft

Both types of these shutters meet the Florida Building Code.

Consult with a Storm Protection Professional

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