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Architects and Builders

Sentinel Storm Protection has been installing built in roll shutters, roll screens and rolling clear vinyl for over 17 years and on hundreds of high end homes. The built in application is by far the most difficult and requires the most expertise to accomplish. There are many shutter companies in Southwest Florida but less than a handful that know how to do built in shutters correctly. Choosing an unqualified competitor can have disastrous consequences and result in wasting everything invested in that portion of the project.

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CAD Details for a Perfect Fit the First Time

Our goal is to streamline the project and solve problems before the house goes vertical. Most plans will need to be modified to make these products fit optimally and look as best they can. It is of critical importance that a builder choose the shutter contractor that is going to do this work as soon as possible (before the house goes vertical). Sentinel Storm Protection will supply a very detailed set of site specific shop drawings that show how to best incorporate the products, locates discrepancies/conflicts and offers solutions to the problems. Going vertical without these shop drawings will in most cases, waste time and money.
Architects & Builders

Our Process for Your Project

Generally our back log is 2-4 weeks to start shop drawings and 6 – 12 weeks to start an installation. So it’s imperative to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.
The first step is to quote the project and choose the product mix desired. Once the client has chosen us to do the job and has picked the exact mix of products, then at that point we require a signed contract and only a 10% deposit to start the shop drawings. Once the shop drawings are complete, we will meet with the builder and architect to review whatever modifications are necessary. The next draw we require is an additional 30% to begin fabrication. This deposit is not required until the roof sheathing stage. Once the job goes into fabrication it generally takes 4 -6 weeks to fabricate and shortly after the installation begins. If we are contracted in a timely manner, our jobs run smoothly and our products are completely installed long before the stucco contractor arrives on site.
The City of Naples requires specific calculations for the loads the roll shutters apply to the columns and structure to be noted in the structural drawings of the home (certifying the structure is adequate). Without this note, it is likely that a permit will not be issued to allow roll shutters to be added to a home.
We cannot emphasize enough the need for the shop drawings at the early stages of the project.

Consult with a Storm Protection Professional

All of our professional estimators have worked for Sentinel for over 15 years. Contact us for your FREE in-home estimate from an industry expert. Tailor made to fit your home, your needs and your budget.